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4 to 5 Speed Conversion Parts for P/T Line Shifter (v2) for 3rd Party Derailleurs

4 to 5 Speed Conversion Parts for P/T Line Shifter (v2) for 3rd Party Derailleurs

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This modification kit will convert a Brompton P/T Line shifter from from 4 to 5 speed - This version is compatible with most aftermarket 3rd party derailleurs.

The stock P/T line shifter is designed to operate four road bike 9s sprockets, and the modified shifter will operate five road 11s sprockets. The P/T line shifter itself is not included in the kit but is available from Brompton dealers worldwide.

The modified shifter is suitable for use with the follwoing derailleurs:
- Most aftermarket 3rd party derailleurs (i.e., the derailleurs that have the same geometry and cable pull requirements as the factory derailleur). The compatible brands include but not limited to the following, DCCH, H&H, Bike's, Litepro, Ace.* The notable exception is the Thanx4ride proprietary derailleur. 
- Brompton Advance Derailleur (original equipment on P/T line)
- BrommiePlus 5 speed chain pusher.

The suitable applications are :
- P/T line – converting from 4 to 5 speed, using existing Brompton rear derailleur or 3rd party derailleurs
- C Line - External 5 speed, based on 3rd party derailleur and tensioner
- C Line – External 5 speed, based on BrommiePlus 5S chain pusher
Kit Content:
- Modified shifter internal – AL 7075 body with stainless steel insert
- Revised Indicator Lens
- High quality gear cable – 31 strand stainless steel cable
- Stronger hook spring - stainless steel
- Stronger lever spring – stainless steel
- Logo button – AL 6061

* When in doubt about derailleur compatibility, please contact us.

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