About us

About us
We started off as a group of Brompton enthusiast who continuously want to make our
Bromptons look better, feel better, and most importantly perform better. We ride our Bromptons
to work, during weekends, and special trips; in other words, as much as we can without risking
family revolution. 
Our current focus is Brompton drivetrain modifications where most other online retailers hesitate
to offer, due to its more technical nature. 
Most of our products will require you to work on your own bikes. Fortunately, it's not difficult and
it's actually fun. There are abundant resources online, as well as through our website. We also carry
many of 
the tools you will need, most of which are the same tools that we use everyday. If our
manuals included with the products are not clear or you have any questions
during installation, 
we will be happy to assist. 

We are fortunate to be located in Taiwan, where majority of world's quality bicycles and
bicycle components are made. These include majority of Brompton components. We have access
to the manufacturers, able to evaluate their wares on site. Only when the products comply with
our standards, we will bring them to you.  Where applicable, we evaluate each product based on
functionality, durability, esthetics, and reasonable final price to consumers.