Yaban 12 Speed Chain (Non-Retail Pack)

Yaban 12 Speed Chain (Non-Retail Pack)

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  • Silver
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  • Ti-Gold
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  • Ti-Black
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Introduction Spec

    These are Yaban S12 12 speed chain in non-retail packaging. They are slightly cheaper than the retail paper packs.

    The 12 speed chains are suitable for Brompton's modified derailleur 3, 4, and 5 speed systems using 11s sprockets/spacing.  The advantages of using a narrower 12 speed chain are less noise, and more tolerant to imperect (gear cable) tuning.  

    Yaban's chains are regarded as the more durable and longer wearing chain available, amongst large rivals such as Shimano, KMC, SRAM, naming just a few.  

    - 1/2" x 11/128"
    - 110 Links (enough for all Brompton applications)
    - 250g
    - Non-retail packaging
    - Available in 3 color (coatings), including 1 pair color matched quick links.

    Silver - YBN S12-S2
    Gold - YBN S12-TIG
    Black - YBN S12-TIB 

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