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4 to 5 Speed Conversion Parts for P/T Line Shifter (v1) for Brompton Rear Derailleurs

4 to 5 Speed Conversion Parts for P/T Line Shifter (v1) for Brompton Rear Derailleurs

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V1 is out of stock. V2 is also compatible with Bromtpon Rear Derailleurs.
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This modification kit will convert a Brompton P/T Line shifter from from 4 to 5 speed - This version is for use with Brompton factory rear derailleur, i.e., the Brompton Advance Derailleur facotry equipped on P/T Line. 

The stock P/T line shifter is designed to operate four road bike 9s sprockets, and the modified shifter will operate five road 11s sprockets. The P/T line shifter itself is not included in the kit but is available from Brompton dealers worldwide.

The shifter is suitable for use with the follwoing derailleurs:
- Brompton Advance Derailleur (original equipment on P/T line)
- BrommiePlus 5 speed chain pusher.

The suitable applications are :
- P/T line – converting from 4 to 5 speed, using existing Brompton rear derailleur.
- P/T Line – Hybrid 4x3 gearing, using existing Brompton Advanced Deraileur, and limit out the last gear with the built in limit screw on the derailleur. (A compatible 4 speed shifter internal is due to arrive by end of March/2024).
- C Line – External 5 speed, based on BrommiePlus 5S chain pusher
Kit Content:
- Modified shifter internal – AL 7075 hard anodized
- Revised Indicator Lens
- High quality gear cable – 31 strand stainless steel cable
- Stronger lever spring – stainless steel
- Logo button – AL 6061

* This version is NOT compatible with aftermarket 3rd party derailleurs.

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