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Sturmey Archer S-RF5(W) N version 10 speed (5x2) hub kit
Sturmey Archer S-RF5(W) N version 10 speed (5x2) hub kit
Sturmey Archer S-RF5(W) N version 10 speed (5x2) hub kit

Sturmey Archer S-RF5(W) N version 10 speed (5x2) hub kit

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Introduction Spec

    This is the Sturmey Archer S-RF5(W) hub with the N version driver (9-spline driver). Two sprockets can be fitted on this driver, turning this hub into a 10 speed. 

    Sturmey Archer S-RF5(W) is different from the 5 speed sprinter hub equipped on earlier Bromptons. Unlike the sprinter hub which has the same overall range as the S-RF3 3 speed hub, this wide ratio version has a much wider range of 256%. Brompton BWR 3 speed hub has a range of 245% in comparison.

    This kit is well suited for converting your 2- or 6-speed Brompton into a 5x2, or a 10 speed.  This kit does not include the two speed shifter, derailleur, tensioner, and the related fittings. If you have a 2- or 6-speed, you already have this eqiupment. If not, you can get the derailleur upgrade kit from Brompton dealers. 

    Package content: 
    - S-RF5(w) freewheel hub, 28H, 111mm O.L.D.
    - Sturmey Archer SLS50 thumb shifter
    - Hub fitting kit (alxe nuts, guide nut, cable anchor, non-turn washers, indicator chain, and circlip)
    - Shifter fitting kit (Jagwaire LEX SL cable housing, Jagwire end caps, Teflon coated SS gear cable)
    - Sprocket, per selected sizes
    - Premium quality 8 speed chain (116L, including quick links)

    This kit is for those who cant build their own wheels. We can also built it for you. Just see our custom built wheels section, or the pre-built wheel section

    We have assembled the gearing ratios for various combinations of sprokets and chainrings here, which may help you select the right sprocket.

    It is well known that Sturmy Archer S-RF5(W) gear hub is not the easiest to adjust, due the small window for proper adjustment. This was also compounded by the fact that Sturmey Archer instructions do not apply to Brompton. In our package, we will include an adapted instruction for Brompton, but it will still require a good patience for initial adjustment. 
    - Hub Shell Material - 6061 Aluminum
    - Axle Diameter - 13/32” Slotted
    - Axle Length - 148mm
    - Over Locknut Dimension - 111mm
    - Spoke Holes - 28
    - Spoke Compatibility - 13g or 14g
    - Flange PCD: 67mm
    - Weight - 1050g

    Gear Ratio:
    1st Gear: 0.626
    2nd Gear: 0.75
    3rd Gear: 1.00
    4th Gear: 1.33
    5th Gear: 1.60
    Overall range: 256%


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